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Who we Are

"The divine kernel is in every one of you.

The aim of living is to realize this, to know who you really are, to remember.

Once you know your true self, which is divine heritage, you will no longer fear or suffer."

-the Guide.

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Master Healer, Designer, Father

Certified Master Healer by Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe and faculty member at the Institute of Spiritual Healing. Nasir has been a student of Sufism for over 15 years.

​His passion is to bring Sufism into daily life experiences as a ship to navigate through the waters that Life presents to us in each moment. He hopes to help fellow travelers experience their unique connection to the Divine and find Strength, Faith, Hope, and Healing through this connection.

Nasir was born and raised on a farm in the foothills of the Austrian Alps. He holds a master’s degree in Fine Furniture Making and a bachelor’s degree in Interior and Furniture Design. He moved to the United States In 1997 to expand his work as an Interior Designer.

Nasir trained as a Sufi Minister, Teacher, and Healer at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. He graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in 2007.

He lives with his family at the Farm of Peace, a Sufi community in Warfordsburg, PA.


Teacher, Healer, Mother

Trained as a Sufi Minister, Teacher, and Healer through USHS; and as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner by BBSH. I have been a student of Sufism for 13 years.

​My passion is helping fellow travelers rekindle the Deep Love and Light of the One in their hearts, uncovering the Divine Qualities within their soul to bring healing, Compassion, Love, and Wisdom into their Lives. What I enjoy most in my work is leading retreats and sharing the beauty of this path.

Early in my Sufi journey, my Shaykh, Sidi Muhammad, entrusted me to open a Shadhili Sufi community in Mexico, where I helped grow and establish a sincere and beautiful community.


After teaching and leading groups for some years, I became a full-time mom. Today, I lead zawiyah retreats in English and Spanish, offer healing sessions, and lead the zawiyah team at the Farm of Peace, where I live with my family.

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